Friday, January 5, 2007

Now we are off!

The start of a new year comes with a new start in the walk with the Lord!

This year I hope to become even closer to God. With him on my side, I cannot do wrong. He is always protecting me and my family.

Last night, even though I have been working in his will, more problems arose in our family. So, instead of giving into worry and concern, Kevin and I prayed together about it, and this morning, we found that the Lord worked it all out! Praise the Lord for all his love. He even loves us when we are not walking in his will. He proved that to me last night.

Life is becoming even more busy around her in this new year. This last week I received the Vacation Bible school curriculum for 2007. Very excited am I that I get to be blessed to do this again this year. Last year was my first year pulling it off, and well, I know better this year to not listen to what EVERYONE has to say. I was people pleasing last year, and well this year, I will be God pleasing! I am letting him direct my path in this area now. So, what he feels fit, will happen!

Now, onto my home life.
Right now, life is doing pretty good. Yesterday I had the privilege to watch a friends children while she has some important business to attend to. Well, I took the day as a tester, to see if I am capable of handling her kids so that I could offer my services in the future. It worked out and when I stopped by her house last night, I offered my services to her! She was much pleased to here that she has someone to count on. Even if it is to come over in the evening so she can go shopping for food lol!

Well, I can't be here to much longer. Life is on the move and onto new places! Yup, Meijer here I come!