Saturday, April 26, 2008

When everyone sees only our faults, God sees our possibilities

What a true statement that is above from Joyce Meyer. I am constantly facing others telling me my faults, almost on a daily basis. But it can be so reassuring to know that God thinks of me in a different light. Plus, it is only what He thinks that matters!
To have someone who thinks and see so much positive things out of you makes you feel so loved.

I always see myself through someone else's eyes. I allow what other people say or even what I "think" they are thinking of me to judge what I think of myself....hope that makes sense.
But I love this new light on myself. Through some people that God has given me, I have made some big steps forward from being that doormat that everyone "needed" to being myself. My attitude has changed from being very concerned about what someone might think to the "this is what you get and just deal". I do not find myself being mean about it, but there is cases where I feel I have no other option. So, I just trust in the Lord and move forward.
I am so tired of living for the past. The thinking of "if I do this then maybe the way we were 5 years ago might be again" just don't work like that!

Ya know, it takes time when you are constantly being put down because you are not living up to someone else's expectations. I am 28 years old and refuse to be treated like a 12 year old anymore. It just can't happen anymore!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And it shall come to pass Genesis 4:14

From the mouth of Joyce Meyer:
Life is a continual process in which everything is constantly changing. If we can grasp that truth, it will help us make it through the difficult times in which we find ourselves. It will also help us not to hold on too tightly to the good times, thinking, "if I ever lose all this, I just can't make it."
God wants us to enjoy all of life - not just its destination but also the trip itself.

For over a year now, God has been showing both Kevin and I some "signs" that a great change will be taking place. I think if you were to look back through my posts, there is one that stats that change is going to happen this year.
Well, alot of change has been happening. Maybe to much change for comfort. It is funny how we do not like change, that is make us feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, that is something that is a constant by living. The weather changes sometimes in a moment, people change...they get older..pass away...have children, and so on. Our living environments change. We move homes, we move out of our parents house. We grow....and when we are growing weather it be in the Lord or just living on this earth, we are changing. But at the same time, we do not like it. We always look back to the "Good ol' days" and miss them. But when we do, we are missing out of what is happening today.

We have decided to follow to calling from God and change our worship place. This was a HUGE step for Kevin, for he is not comfortable with any type of change (with the exception of changing the dinner menu around LOL). But, we could not hide from God any longer. He was telling us for a long time that we are needed somewhere else. That our qualities can be used somewhere. Now, is the adventure of finding where!
Like Joyce Meyer said..... God wants us the enjoy life....all of it. Even the trip! So I am prepared to enjoy this trip He has planned for us! What even made this feel more of being in God's Will was the reaction from the kids. They were really excited about going on a new "adventure"! That was just like having icing on a cake to me. It confirmed to me that God does want us to move on. And that we were always looking to the past and could not accept the future or even the here and now where we were.