Monday, January 28, 2008

I have been tagged!

I was tagged by Aimee to play. The game is called Scattergories. Use the first letter of your name and find words with that letter. The number of letters in your name determines how many people you can tag.

What is your name? Jackie

4 letter word: June

Vehicle: Jaguar

City: Jacksonville, Florida

Boy's name: Joshua

Girl's name: Jessica

Movie: Juno

Occupation: Jailer

Something you wear: Jogging Shoes

Celebrity: Jackie Robinson

Food: Juice

Something found in a kitchen: Juicer

Something found in a bathroom: Junky plunger LOL

Reason for being late: Jury Duty LOL

Cartoon character: Jem

Something you shout: Jerk!!!

Animal: Jumping Kangaroos LOL

Body part: Joint
Word to describe you: Joking!

I am tagging Tim

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a night

Tonight was going as planned until around 6pm, Matthew got sick. He has been doing this often. He will get sick a few times and then all is good for about a week or so. Then he gets sick again.
God showed me something tonight through this. The devil is not wanting me to do good...he wants me to fail and not do as God wants me to. God tells me in His word that I need to stay faithful to Him and trust Him through ALL things and so I shall trust Him through this chapter in my life with Matthew. I am making him an appt. with a doctor tomorrow to see if we can determine if this is acid reflux. My prayers are that God is in control and that even though I do not understand, He does.

Isn't it amazing how God shows you His will? I just love it! Something as simple as opening up the Word and just browsing, then BAM! I know what He is expecting from me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Life Changing Year

God sure has alot in store for me and my family this year. Without going into the juicy details that most would love for me to share, I will just say that you will be meeting a new Jackie Grim very soon. I am very excited but scared at the same time. God is changing what is bad in my life and adding the good into my life.
For 28 years I have struggled with who I am. What 28 year old do you know that does not even know how they like there steak cooked? Or what is there real favorite color? Or (to go deeper) what is god's purpose for them? I know, some 50 year olds still don't know what is God's purpose for them. But, I refuse to wait that long.
I am opening myself up to renewed friendship and moving forward. I want to be the outgoing person who just won't shut up! I want people to tell me to shut up! LOL (Kevin does, so I think he would beg to differ)
But to get back to what my title of this thread is.....
God spoke to me and told me this would be a year of change. At first I was thinking, ok...yeah I need to quit smoking...then ...hmmm.. maybe homeschool. Without Kevin on board to that, it is a no way buddy! Then, I started to wait on God. (I know 2008 is only 16 days young) But, he is already showing me what needs to be changed and has given me such promise for tomorrow. I am so thankful for the first time in my life for friendship. It is a blessing that God gives you...even if it comes up to you without you knowing it! :) God is so great huh? I just cannot wait (even though.....yup I am scared) for the new Jackie Grim to shine through!