Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have to express my feelings

My love is not here. He left this morning for Florida. He won't be back until late Thursday night.
I feel so empty without him. I am just so sad.
I have spent the whole day crying. Also, I cried all day yesterday. I just miss him so much. But at the same time I am happy for him that he is able to have a break.
I have to come up with some stuff to do this week because I have been so lonely today without him.
Now that it is evening, it is getting worse. I just miss him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The up's and down's of an 18 month old!

Today I had a dentist appointment for Joseph and Jonathon. Just a normal cleaning but I had to take Matthew along with me. All week long I had been dreading this day just because my 18 month old baby boy has turned into the terrible 2 child!!!
So, I am standing there, guarding the door to block Matthew from getting his own personal cleaning at the dentist's and a women sitting in the waiting room starts disiplining my 18 month old child as if I am not capable of doing so! I was in a rage inside and just prayed my way out of saying something I would regret and just smiled instead. I mean...COME ON! He is 18 months old and he don't quite get what you are saying when you say...."Shhhhh you are being too loud!" And saying to me "Sometimes they listen better to someone other than there mother" Grrrr

Ok, so my child was not screaming in a fit or anything distrubing. He was just happy! Jumping and singing and talking. Just loud...LOL :) It was kinda cute thinking back on it. Some people just do not know how to let it be.

Now another short one with Matthew.
Today we missed our daily "Sesame Street" but I recorded it through Dish Network. So Matthew wakes up from his nap and starts talking to the tv and says "LLLMOO" "MAMA...LLMO" Ohhhh it was so cute! Then I turn it on for him and he says " MAMA...BABA...LLLMO!!!" Then he sees Elmo and says with such happiness "LLLLMMMOOO" I think he is in love with Elmo!