Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It has been a while since I have posted anything on here

Maybe because I wonder if anyone reads it, but I say "What the hay, why not! lol"

I can truly say that God has totally shown all his changes that he had in store for Kevin and I. We moved (of course, I think I have posted that already), have changed roles at our church. That was such a good thing. Now, I can put all my focus on my family and best off, I have learned to say NO! I think it is making some people upset, but I have to not care and do what God wants. Ummm....let's see...... oh, Jonny is doing so well in school. I was honestly thinking that I would be homeschooling him by now, but he is just loving it and so far, I have not received anything about bad behavior. I saw the teachers aid today at the school and she just was telling me how good Jonny is. PTL!
My mornings have been very relaxing. I have needed this. Matthew goes down for a nap around 11am so from 11-12 every weekday, I have to myself. I have been reading, cleaning, playing games online and just enjoying the blessing God has given me.

This weekend we are going away camping. It should be fun. Maybe.... I don't know how much fun it will be for a 14 month old baby though. It will be chilly at night but Kevin and I have both agreed that we have the extra funds to do this and that we desperately need to get away for a few days. Some stuff has happened and we really just need to get away from my side of the family lol! So instead, we are going to be around his side, the side I have problems with LOL! But God keeps putting me around them for a reason. I am really hoping that I can witness to them. But they are a tough bunch. Very tough.
So, yes, no church this Sunday but Kevin agrees that it is best to miss it.

For what I can think of, that is it!

Have a blessed day!
Jackie :)