Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Alot to do, no time to do it

Seriously, I have no time anymore.
Life has just taken ahold of me, and now I can't seem to grab it back.

I was out of town last week attending my grandmothers funeral. I was not close to her at all. Matter of fact, I did not even cry at the funeral. I went to be a support to my father and my aunts and uncles. Was it worth a 10 hour drive one way? I still don't know??????

During that time, Kevin stayed home with the kids. He missed me just as I missed hime and my kids. But it showed alot to me. How important family is, how much love I have for my husband and just the importance of telling someone you love them.

I met up with the cousin Bobbi. She is the youngest daughter to my Uncle Johnny. The one who lost his daughter 2 years ago. She is in desperate need of someone in her life. My aunt and uncle both work jobs that cause them to be out of town ALOT and well, my cousin Jay is not much help. So I have been praying for God to show me a way to reach out. So far, I am making plans to attend her graduation. I was not planning on going, but I think it would be best that I go.

Alot has happenned. Some things that I can't talk about. Just alot of change, even with my rolls at church. Much to see!
I can speak about my roll in the nursery. I am stepping down there. I just don't have the time anymore. I have been totally neglecting my family due to my commitments at church. And well, my family must come first. So I stepped down, but will not offically until July 1st.
VBS is another concern to me. I have not done much yet for it and don't see when I can work on it. That is something I am praying about and awaiting on the Lord. The only time I can think of being able to work on vbs would be around bedtime. I have seriously never been so busy before. I even forgot about Matthews check up/shots appt last month. And that was an appt he needed to go to bc I was late on the shots. This is getting out of hand and I know I need to set up my priorities.