Monday, May 25, 2009

Going to be a FUN summer!

Thank you to Craigslist and a very very handy father in law, Kevin and I are new owners of a RV!

Today we bought a Pop up camper for the wonderful price of $200! Needed some work, but my father in law already fixed it!

I am soooooo excited! Already have June 26th through July 5th booked for camping!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Last night, all of my sister's and my mother went out for Mother's day. No, you did not forget Mother's day. My mom is helping my sister move to Florida this week so we decided to celebrate early, when all of us could be together. And I don't think we have ever done anything like that before. It was fun!

When I got home, it was around 9:30 and I received a phone call from my dad.
"Jackie, do you realize that is no school for your kids tomorrow?"

I said " Why? WHAT???"

"Ummmm...SWINE FLU" said my dad

At first I really thought my dad was messing with me like he likes to do to me. But, I went online and saw that our school district closed school for Monday and Tuesday due to 1 high school student who MAY have the flu.
Overboard? Yeah, maybe a little. But I can't help to be thankful that they are looking at my children's overall health with this issue.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


When I got home I got a phone call from my cousin. My aunt has been placed in the ICU for 100% Kidney failure. Please pray for peace. Thank you

So, I did it!

For the first time in MONTHS, I attended church.

I actually enjoyed it. Alot! It was amusing, interesting and educational at the same time.

The sermon was taught on Truth.

When the pastor went into our sins, it did hit me and made me see that I am no different than anyone. My opinions are just that, opinions. My sin are just that, sins. And the sooner I see them, the sooner I can be saved from them. The one thing that I just never got was when I would be told to walk away from my sin. It was like "How can I do that? And if I can just do that, then why did Jesus die?"
I think I may be right when I say that it is more about recognizing the sins and facing them. Anger is my biggest sin. I get so made sometimes that I wish people would die. And to be told that it makes me a murder in God's eyes bc of what he told us in the Word, is a shocker. So to see it, face it and try my best to change it is what God wants. He knows my heart. He knows that I don't really want someone to die (Maybe move to England or something LOL) and that I just am so upset and sad. And that I truly just need a shoulder to cry on. And yes, I never turn to Jesus.
I have a hard time turning to him bc his shoulder is not present in front of me. I have to ...I really don't know what I have to do?

Feels weird, but I feel like I am starting over with the Christian walk. Like I have wiped my slate clean and now I am back at the beginning.

But I really liked this new church! And better yet, the kids loved it!