Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A new light!

Ya know, so many times I allow other people to change who I am. I allow them to make me into a person whom I do not like. Jealous, yes I can be. Rude, yup...been there.
We all fall short right? We all are sinners saved by God's amazing grace! So that means what? To me, it means that we all make mistakes. But what else? We all need to forgive each other without even the other person asking for forgiveness! That is key! When someone does harm to you, why must you take that and make more of it? Do you understand? We always want to make more of what we have. That includes a bad situation. Someone is upset with someone else, so what do we do? Try to fix it! Why???? That is not your situation, that is there's.
Ok, did anything I just wrote make any sense? I hope so. Basically all I was trying to say is that you need to pay attention to what matters most, your family, yourself and most of all, you love for the great and almighty God! God matters, nothing else! Who cares if someone doesn't like you, so what! lol

Also, here is my myspace account link for anyone who is out there!

Have a great week!
Jackie :)