Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My weekend

We have a pool! On Saturday, we set it up. That ended with a BIG water bill and a bad sunburn on Kevin. It was ALOT of work getting the land level, but once we did, it was nice. Then that evening, we helped Kevin's mom move into her new house. We are happy that she is back home!!!

Sunday was interesting. We tried another new church. Solid Rock Bible Church. It was GREAT! Until the sermon.......SNORE! The church was small....good. The people were our age....check!!! The sermon more boring than our last pastor....NOT GOOD! So, we both agreed that we are not going back. To speak the truth, it is hard stepping out like this. I am personally, having a hard time trusting a new church. Every church has it's politics and that is pushing me away. But I know something is out there. Part of me would love the idea of starting a new church, without politics. But I am not sure that can even happen or exist.
Anyways, Sunday night, Kevin's sister came over with her friend and we had a bonfire. We were up to 3am with her. It was a blast. But on Monday morning was the memorial day parade. 8:30am I was at this BORING parade that lasted 5 minutes long. It was LAME! Not worth missing sleep over!!!!
But then later on Monday we went to our friends house and had a BBQ. It was nice! Played a little volleyball and just chilled. Very relaxing. I feel right at home at their house! And then we came home and watch those RED WINGS!!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Weekend

My weekend was pretty good!

On Saturday, we went to some garage sales, but did not find anything. Then went shopping a little for a birthday present and some garden things (actually just some things for my flower box). After that, we went to my mom's house and dropped off a flower, and then to Kevin's step mom's and dropped off another flower. Later that evening, we went out to Mexican Fiesta for dinner with Kevin's mom and brother and all the kids! A party of 12!

Then on Mother's day, it poured rain all day long! It matched perfectly to what I wanted to do all day.....sit around with my family and just enjoy each other. And we did! We played board games, watched a movie. Then I watched the last episode of Survivor!

WHY DID THEY VOTE FOR Parv?????? What a bunch of idiots! I told Kevin I want to apply to get on the show. Everything could work out, except that I need to get a passport just to apply! That is like over $100 just to apply???? I don't know. But I would love to have the chance to win that dough and prove to everyone around me that I can do more than they think I can! so many people think I am weak. I AM NOT WEAK!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Just doing some laundry, look around the house, cannot find Matthew or the dog.

Nowhere in this house.......

Where do I find them?


In the neighbors yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Matthew has gotten out of the house 2 times.

His new name is


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sesame Street

Why on earth do they make the characters so dumb?

This morning Big Bird was trying to come up with a song about the number 3 and one of the other characters suggested finding the 3 little pigs. So Big Bird asked why? I mean COME ON! I know you main age group is 2-4 years old. But my kid ain't that dumb!

He is actually a very bright boy. The kid can hold a beat very well and LOVES music, whether he is singing, making music or dancing.

Just a quick entry today!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bee yourself!!!

God created you just the way you are. Stop trying to be someone else just to fit in.
That does not just go to high school or teenagers. We, as adults, do the same thing.

I am a smoker. And almost 99% of the people I talk to, go out with and have fun with, do not smoke. (this might be a bad example) I have found myself wanting to quit because they do not smoke. But I was wanting to quit for the wrong reasons. I wanted to quit to "fit in". The truth is, even after I quit smoking, I will still feen that cigarette if I am at a place with alot of smokers. The only way I will quit smoking is if I am ready to rely on God to take away that from me. And yes, it is sin. But not in a way that people might think. It is a sin because my body is the temple of God and I need to keep the temple clean. It is not a sin because it does not look like a christian thing to do.

I remember a story a friend told me. He was at a conference and it was break time. Well, he walked outside and found a huge amount of people smoking, looking down and ashamed of it.

I have found myself stepping out of the ashamed feeling that I would feel if someone saw me smoking. This is a part of me. Even when I quit, it will be a part of me. It makes me ..... ME! Not that I say that with pride. I hate that I smoke. It harms my body and even though I smoke outside of the house, it is still effecting my children. BUT, it is with me for a reason. This comes back to my "I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason" statement. And it is true. Even when the devil comes in to attack, God will use it for his glory. It happens for a reason!!!!

My point.....I smoke and I will not change that about me just to fit in. And if any of my friends do not like it and do not want to be around me because if it, then I guess they were not really my friends after all.
As parents, we tell our children to be themselves and do not change who they are to have friends or fit in. But so often we forget to apply that to ourselves.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Phony Bologna

Do you ever go somewhere and see someone who you know is upset at you and they give you that..."Hi, how are you" smile and hug? But deep down, you know they really do not care and are acting all "Hump...I had to see you huh?". I can't stand people like that. I faced ALOT of that today. There are a few things that have been bothering me sooooo bad lately.

1. Phony Bologna's!!!! I can't stand anyone who is not themselves. Why do we pretend to be happy when we may be upset or hurt or even angry. Holding it in is not the best solution!!! When asked the question "How are you today" even if it is a bad day, why do we answer " Good"??? To avoid that person caring????

2. Perfect housewives! Oh boy...this one gets to me all the time. All they are doing is making other wives feel like we are not good enough. When you have children, you WILL have crumbs on the floor. (unless you are constantly running the vacuum or sweeping in 10 minute intervals)!!!

3. Liars. Do not lie to me. I can handle the truth. If I have upset you, let me know. If not, how can I know I upset you!!!

So many people in my life do not think I can perform as well as them or even someone who is as educated as me. See, I am good at what I do. Do I have a clean house that the bathrooms are crystal clean? NO! But, they do not need to be. I will not sacrifice my time with my husband, kids or my alone time with God (which I need to have more often or maybe I would not be feeling this way????) to clean the house because someone MIGHT stop by!

As I look around my house right at this moment I see....

1. Dishes from lunch in the sink
2. Crumbs on the living room floor
3. Toys...all over.....
4. Things on the counters
5. Dirty clothes on my bedroom floor
6. A bathtub that need a cleaning
7. Mirrors that need to be washed
8. Closets that are full of stuff that might or might not be garbage (hehe)
9. Shoes all over
10. Kids rooms are a mess

There is more.....

My point is that if you do not like it, don't stop by! LOL

I remember my mom telling me something that her grandmother told her....." If your kitchen and bathroom is clean, then no one can complain if they come over". I see that statement as false. Here is my statement " If you stop by and do not like the way you see my house, the broom and mop is in the laundry room, the cleaning solutions are above the stove, and the vacuum is in my yourself or do not complain!!!"
(Am I mean??? LOL)

I am tired of holding all this in. We do not have to be perfect.
I remember reading a friends blog a while back and it asked "Why is your family unique".
We are ourselves. That makes us unique. If I was to be like the other families I know, then I would be like them and not like us. Kevin and I discipline our kids differently than other families, we eat dinner differently, we spend our money differently, we live differently. We are us. That make us different. I like being different and for years now I have been living in this "Christian shell" that I must live like other Christian families so that the example of a christian family is given correctly. But all I have been doing is giving a false view on who I am. In a way I am scared to be "myself", thinking that my friends will not like me anymore. But shoot...I have given up so many things that I love not for God, but for the church and for people.
One thing that I loved to do is wear trendy clothes! Halter tops was one of the clothing items that I loved to wear. But I felt like it was not right to wear...I just bought a few of them. Will I wear them to church? Yes I will. Because they do not make me look bad, they accent me.
Another thing that I have LOVED SO MUCH! Oldies and country music. It is this misconception that a christian must listen to christian music or they are damned to hell. I love the 70's music generation. Those songs have more soul, more love than any music today. Oh, and I just love hearing about how someone lost his wife, dog left him and his house burnt down all in one day (country music).

Hope I am coming across okay. :)