Thursday, March 29, 2007

I can't think of a title for this post!

I was looking outside. Just "taking a break" and well, I looked at the grass, getting greener! Love spring! That means summer is coming!
Now as I was looking around, I look at my air conditioner. Stupid I know, but I saw something that I have never seen before. A solider on a horse with all his armor. On his shield was a cross. When I was looking at this, I was thinking back to so many nights standing outside and praying. Asking God to protect my family from illness, pain, and the enemy. A little did I know, that there was a sign on my air conditioner. I know, sounds silly. But it just gave me a kind of comfort, knowing that God is even watching over my air conditioner!

As for an update on my smoking and on VBS.....

Smoking, well that is not going as planned. I am hard on myself. I have not gone up in cigarettes, but I have not gone down too. I am just stuck at a 1/2 pack a day.

VBS, I finished tracing yesterday. Today, I am working on outlining and getting all the paints ready to hand off!

Monday, March 26, 2007

God's blessings

The Lord has truely blessed southeastern Michigan today with a beautiful warm day.

I took advantage of this blessing and went out with the kids. We went for a long walk to the park then on the way back, stopped by my sisters and went for another long walk.

I am very tired now, but are the kids! :)

Got home just in time to put Matthew down for his nap, and get a little rest before dinner time!

God sure does know how to send us his blessing just in time!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day #1

A new lifestyle change for the Grim family starts today.

I went grocery shopping today for wholesome, healthy food. Low in sugar, natural sugars, and good source of vitamins.

I am first starting off in changing our habits in our snacks. Once I have that under control, then I will work into our dinners. Though, I am not one to make high greasy foods and just poor in nutrition foods.

So far, the kids are loving this change. (though they have not asked for a candy bar yet!)

Kevin and I are looking into the future in so many ways. And I see God opening us both up for his plans. So much is going on, that I cannot share and probably will not share. But I can say this: We are being asked from God to change. To change so many things about our lifestyle, that will indeed change our way of life. This is very hard for Kevin. He does not like change, but he loves the Lord. And with that, he will accept this change. We have no choice but to be in constant prayer and communication with God due to alot of decisions that need to be made. And these decisions, the outcome of them, are hard to see. Hard to know if it is the right way to go. So trusting God is number 1 and we go from there!

Friday, March 23, 2007


It is amazing what God has in store for you.

One minute you can be walking along, thinking this is the best that it can get and then BOOM, it hits you. Faster than you can blink, alot changes.

That is how life is hitting me lately. Through all these changes in our family life, come decisions. Some that you just would not want to make due to the comments and feelings you will receive.

But, that is when God walks into the path you are walking in. He takes that path that is just full of bumps and dirt, and makes it smooth and enjoyable.

Maybe I am not able to share everything that is going on at this point. But I do feel this overwhelming change happening. Well, it is more than a feeling, it is actually happening.

And to make it seem all so real, it is just not me. For example, it is not me that want this change. It is God. And well, like I have always said, I am sure not going to be the person to get in the way of God's will!
So, I will obey. Wait. Listen. Pray. and ask for guidance.

I am praying that I will be able to shout to the world (my blog lol) about these changes soon. But that depends on God too!

God Bless and have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is the day that our lives return to normal.

Over the last week and 1/2, each one of us has gotten sick from the nasty cold. I am just happy that all 3 of the boys are much better now.

So you ask, what did she get done in VBS so far?

Not much! I have not had much time to get anything moving forward. I was suppost to meet with my sister on Thursday last week and plan out the outreach but with the kids being sick, it just was not going to work out. I will have to schedule a different time to meet. Maybe tomorrow.
I did get some more decorations traced and outlined. But I am finding this year's VBS much more difficult to decorate than last years. It was easy to just trace out some pictures and slap them on the walls, add some streamers and there ya go.
Not the same this year. I have my work cut out for me. But what makes it so relaxing is knowing that this is what God wanted me to do. And well, he is the one with the plan, not me.
I see it like this....God has a plan for the VBS, and as time goes by, I get told what to do here or there. He is letting me know, in His timing, what to do. That makes me not worry at all this year. (I was a nervous wreck last year)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally it is friday

What a week here!

Jonathon is now starting to come around.
Joey still has a fever, but I am able to control it.
But Matthew. :( My baby has a fever running around 103.0 He is doing okay. I mean, he is smiling at me and saying "da da da". I know he will be fine, but I still don't have his medication. The pharmacy had to order it and I am awaiting a phone call so I can pick it up.

I am doing better, I feel better. And I know I need to take it easy. I almost fainted earlier while trying to clean this house. If you know me, then you know that I can't rest in a dirty house. It is a bad thing in a way, but Kevin likes it.

So now, I am resting. My attempts to do some major cleaning in this house failed, so I am just resting and taking care of my sick little ones.

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back from the doctors

I have a sinus infection. God totally blessed my family with an awesome doctor. She gave me all my medicine through free samples because my copay is so expensive. ($30 per script)

I will be going to the Pine Wood Derby tonight after all. Just going to be taking it easy. I don't want to miss out on this event. Joey has waited all year for this, and this is not contagious from what I know, so I will be there!

Now.......REST, REST, REST! So that I feel better for tonight!

Oh, I should update everyone on my quitting efforts.
It is getting better. I am only down to 10 cigarettes a day now. (I had hoped to be down to 8 I think) But I am not giving up. Quitting is a process. From what I have read about it, it takes time to quit. You just have to stay focused on quitting.

It is making it's rounds

Now, I am sick. :(

Woke up at like 3am shaking because I was soo cold. I had a fever (still do) and now I just feel all icky. Part of having a family.

Kevin took today off work, even though I did not want him to, to take care of things. He was telling me that with the last 2 days of not getting any sleep and taking on the regular tasks of a mom, no wonder why I am sick. And that I won't get any better if I just don't rest. So, he is staying home and doing my job.

Tonight is Joey's Pine derby at church. I won't be going now. I am bummed, but I am going to ask my dad to tape it for me!

Monday, March 12, 2007


The joys of kids!

Yesterday when we arrived at my parents house for our traditional after service dinner, Jonny started complaining of being really cold. So I took his temp and it was 101.5. Kevin and Zach ran up to CVS for some motrin, and we got it under control. This automatically set me off that something was the matter. (I guess that would be common sense! LOL)
So about 5 hours later, another temp of 101.5. More motrin.

ALL night last night he was running a temp. My poor little guy could not break this temp. No amount of medicine would bring it down to normal.

So, after getting about 2-3 hours of broken sleep, Kevin told me to call Joey into school, that it would be silly of me to put that much on me today. (I was like YES! I am just so tired) And I called the doctors this morning. Jonny has a swollen tounsil that has lead into an ear infection. Poor little guy. He is on antibotics, and right now, resting. But now I am thinking about myself resting! lol Boy, it is hard juggling a baby and a sick child all night long.

Kevin is being a great husband about this and told me even though I have alot of housework to do, to take the day off. He is so nice when it comes to this. He wanted to stay home and help, but I was not letting that happen. I will get through the day. It may not be my favorite day, but I will push through it and get some much needed rest tonight!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


The budget is done for VBS!
I was sitting down today, after tracing another hard poster for VBS, thinking about how it would feel to have the bulk of the budget done so I pushed myself, and finished the budget. It took a good 2 hours, but it is done!


Now, I need to clean up this house again. Poor Kevin is not having a good day at work. He has been working all day long, and made not one penny! I don't like hearing him upset like that. But God sure does provide for us!

Ok, I have to get off this thing and make dinner!

God Bless!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

It is under way!

Today, I am starting the decoration part of VBS. I am tracing! This is hard on the hands, but worth it.
What happens in the process of making a blank piece of paper into a decorated object?

Well, first you trace. Some pieces can take hours to trace!
Next, you outline everything in a sharpie marker. This makes the lines better to see and you will not miss out on anything when you paint.
Then, you paint. This is the fun part! I LOVE PAINTING!
After the paint dries, you go over the black lines again with a sharpie. (If you have painted well enough, this is not needed)
Last, you cut it out! This is actually some thing you do like the week before!

Making the decorations is so much fun, at least to me! It is something that I remember so well from last year. Kevin and I would just trace, paint and sharpie while playing our christian music in the background. That is actually how we got to know alot of songs and how we fell in love with Allen Cullen! WHAT A VOICE HUH?

But tonight and tomorrow evening, it is crunch time. I need to get the budget done. I want this thing out of my way. It is just the thing I least like doing. But hey, someone has to do it, and well, I am the leader of the thing right? That means it is me who needs to do it! lol

I will say this...I am really excited this year over VBS. It might be because it is more challenging, and I know, with God, I can pull it off. Or maybe because this year, I am only doing this because God wants me to. Things that bothered me last year, don't bother me at all this year about it. I know I have alot on my plate, but I also know that all I have to do is ask, and I would have alot of people lined up to help.
I am excited to see how these next 4 1/2 months play out.

Oh, I have set a date....if it doesn't work with everyone, I will change it though. I need all my workers to be able to be there! August 6 -10th! From 6:30pm - 9pm!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Just sad

In Michigan, we have a case of a man who murdered his wife. It is all over the country now.

Here is an update on the story.

Just sad! :(

Day 1 quitting

I am setting a new goal for myself with quitting. I am cutting down each day instead of each week. I am finding it really easy right now, which I do NOT like. So, instead of 15 cigarettes, it is 12 today, then 11 tomorrow and so on and so on.

Our weekend was a little exciting, not on a great side. Maybe it would be better to just say it was busy.
It started off with Kevin working on call Friday night. He has a busy month with on call days, so I am expecting alot of time alone this month, but hopefully, it shows in his paychecks!

Saturday morning was kinda nice. Kevin made breakfast burritos. They were VERY yummy, and food that I don't have to cook, is GREAT! Then we had attended a memorial service for a friend at church. I really thought our church honored this person very well. As the service was going on, my sister was landing at the airport from Hawaii. (oh, how I wish I could have just fit into a suitcase and went with her! lol) That evening, we went to her house, she got the kids a few things and begged us to stay around until around 7pm to keep them awake due to jet lag. But around 6:30 Joey started complaining really bad of his ear hurting and running a temp so off I go to the urgent care. 2 hours...2 hours waiting a no doctor yet. Finally I had to leave the room and hunt down someone and ask how much longer it would be, then of course within 5 minutes a doctor came! (makes me wonder if the doctor would have been there that fast if I had not said anything????) Joey has a double ear infection. Poor kid! I felt so bad, so once we left, I dropped him off at home then had to wait at the pharmacy to get his scripts filled. Good ole' 24 hour CVS Drugs! I did not get home from all of that until 10:30pm and I was wiped.
Sunday, I attended church with Jonny and Matthew. Kevin stayed home with Joey so he could go to school today.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just because I am bored this morning....

Kevin just may be the next spokesperson for Pepsi!

(I have figured out how to posts pictures!)

It has happened....

Matthew is...............Crawling!

I just stepped outside for 2 minutes this morning, came back in to see him crawling full force!
My baby is getting so big!

But he sure is loving it!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Today was not a great day for Jonathon in school, once again.
I was really thinking that after 3 weeks, he would get used to preschool and start meeting friends, and having fun. Not the case. He doesn't want to go and wants me to homeschool. But, I can't. Not just because Kevin doesn't want to, but because I know this is God's will for Jonny right now. And I do say right now, because I do not know what the future holds. This could be God's will so he can show us something. It could be his will for us to homeschool, but we need to know other things first. Who knows.....welp, God does LOL

His teacher was talking to me today about Jonny's behavior in class. He will not sit still, or pay attention to directions. And much more, but the same words almost came out until I stopped her and said "I know, his doctor told me he could be borderline adhd" She was like nodding and agreeing. But, I just think it is amazing how fast someone is when it comes to labeling your child. Jonny is just special. He just needs a different approach when it comes to learning. He is not one that can learn from a textbook type, more hands on is Jonny. (though he does get attached to things very quickly)

Here are some pictures of the boys when Joey had chicks in his Kindergarten class!