Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hi there, potential readers!

My name is Jackie. Usually my days consist of changing dirty diapers, picking up toys, and making dinners.

First of all, the love of my life, Kevin. That is who I should talk about first huh?
Okay, Kevin and I have been married for over 7 years now. We have 3 children together. Joseph is the oldest. He is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. Jonathon is the middle child. He is 4 years old and well, he is my bubba! And Matthew is the youngest. Only 5 months old and my, well, my baby. All my children are what really soaks up most of my life, so I guess if you are not interested in hearing about some silly things that kids can do, then I would just pass this page right on up!

Back to Kevin. We met in high school. Actually he was ending school in about a month after we met. It was the last class of the day during his senior year and my sophomore year. It all started with myself telling him that I will wrote my number down when I sign a yearbook, but it is just stupid because no one ever calls each other. Well, he was up to making me wrong! And he did. He called me on his last day of school as I was studying for a final, and he didn't have to. But he did invite me out, and we went on our first date on June 14th 1996. It all started with that first date! Little did I know what God had in store for me then.

On December 24th 1998, Kevin asked me to marry him and on June 26th 1999, we married. Then on November 18th 2000, our first son joined us and we became a family.

Kevin means more to me, then most people do. Even though I could not see it at the beginning of our relationship, I have found out that I was a lucky person to be able to find there true love. You know, that person that knows you better than you know yourself? That is who Kevin is to me. He knows what to do to get me out of a bad mood, smile. All he does is give me one of those puppy dog faces, and I melt! I am a sucker for the puppy dog!

Now on to my children.

Joseph. He was named after my Grandfather (maternal). And Frederick, his middle name, is after my father. Even though my fathers name is just Fred, it is still named after him. Joseph Fred Grim, just didn't sound as good as Joseph Frederick.
Joseph is my follower. He just wants to be like everyone else. Which in ways is not a bad thing, unless he is following something bad. Joseph, is my first, so each day is like a new challenge with this child. He is in love with school and when given the choice to home school or go to school, he chose public school.

Jonathon. He is named after my step grandfather (paternal). Actually, his name was J.T. but he meant John, I think. He passed away when I was pregnant with Jonathon, so I thought it would be proper to name him with that name. And Scott, the middle name, is after Kevin's middle name. Simple enough huh? Well, Jonny is my bubba. The hip hugger. He never wants to leave me and is just simply in love with Mommy. Man, I am just gonna love it while it lasts! I just know there will be a day that he will say "Mom..... stop calling me your bubba"!

Matthew. He is not named after anyone, just always loved the name Matthew. Just a solid name. Garry, the middle name is after Kevin's father. Matty is such a blessing. Alot of people will ask me if I wish I had a girl, not after I had Matthew. He is a blessing to have. And when I am asked if I want another one to try for that girl, I respond with "If I ever have another one, I want a boy!"