Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is it to much change? Or overworked?

I am in a feeling of a down right now. I kinda have been the last few days.
Even though so many blessings have been pouring in from the Lord, many bad things have been happening also.
One thing that happened was our dryer broke. I have been air drying clothes for 2 weeks and then took some loads to my mothers last week just so Jonny could leave a crayon in his pocket and now the clothes and dryer were stained with a bright purple with sparkles! YEAH! Thank God, I was able to get it out of her dryer though.
A brighter side is that today we got a new dryer! So I spent the evening catching up on laundry and getting the house back to 1/2 way decent shape. That is challenging due to packed up boxes in my living room.
Maybe I just need a nudge or something. I just can't seem to snap out of this feeling. I am almost thinking that it could turn into a depression if I don't get out of it soon. I do have alot going on at once though. Maybe I did take on to much this summer. Hmmmmmm