Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Oct. 5th

I am just so happy that this week is over!

I spent the first 3 days in the doctors office with Jonny and Matthew. After our camping trip last weekend, both of them got sick. Jonny had bronchitis and Matthew had a cold. Today, they are much better.
I spent my morning out with my sister. I took her out to breakfast and then we went shopping at IKEA. She got a new bedroom set! I am excited because that means I get her old one! lol
This weekend is not all glamour here. Kevin is working on the brakes tomorrow and finishing up my sisters bathroom. Then he is helping a friend weatherproof her home.
I will have him to myself tomorrow night! Movie night!

Tonight we are going to Apple bees! Kevin wins gift certificates all the time so he wants to treat us out! lol
Sunday is church. We have been kinda slacking on our attendance at church. Not totally our fault. We did take a break last weekend due to our camping trip, but we have been either sick or Kevin has been working. One thing that I have found out is that it is really hard for me to take all 3 boys to church without Kevin. It is funny how God has that special person picked out for you. Kevin is my brain. He just knows exactly what to do when it comes to handling the kids. All I have to do is give him a look, and he jumps! ;)

Ok, so I am getting a little frustrated right now. Matthew is not going for his nap today. It is already 3:30 and he is just talking and playing in his crib. We are suppost to go out to dinner tonight and this boy won't nap! I am really hoping that he does or we may need to cancel or order in. I don't think the people around us would like a screaming baby while they enjoy there food!

Jackie :)