Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ever have times like this?

So irritated, so fusterated so annoyed??

I am feeling that way lately. I can't go into "Details" but it is driving me nuts.

I can't wait for a few things to happen soon. But I think it takes a little motivation on my part....

First of all, I want to...have a desire to....get a job.
I have been that "Stay at home mom" for over 7 years now. And I am getting tired of it.
It has become boring and well...lame.

So I am going to look into community colleges to attend and a career to get into that I see interesting.

I see other mothers like me when the kids are all in school full time, just sitting at home bored. And even though I have Matthew, it will only be a few years until preschool starts and then Kindergarten.


On another note.

Matthew has surgery yesterday to have ear tubes placed into his ears. It was hard seeing my baby like that, but he is doing great now. I had to call Kevin home early though, because Matthew just would not listen yesterday and was walking around then falling b/c of the meds.