Sunday, November 2, 2008

So this is Christmas???

So far in my house, it kinda is!

We have our outside lights already up (heard it might snow this upcoming weekend) and I have my village up! Both look so pretty!

And an update:

Things have been busy around here. I organized the Farrand Fall Festival at the kid's school. That was a great success, but took so much of my time. Then Kevin went on vacation and will return to work tomorrow.

I have been watching my little nephew 1-2 times a week. But I do not get him this week :(
He is going to Arizona with my sister and mom to visit my grandparents. They won't be back until next Sunday. I will miss that little guy! And same with Matthew.... He is always asking for "iya"...hehe

But hmmmm.....Oh REALLY GOOD NEWS! My husband...Kevin, passed his test to be a licensed plumber! He gets a raise tomorrow at work and received a better work truck! Now he really has a "truck-like" truck!

Other than that, just to same with the kids. Growing and Growing. Eating and Eating!!!

Hope to hear from all my friends out there...Miss you all!