Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pain in the NECK!

Tuesday morning, I took my mom to the doctor's because she is not well. Sinus infection, ear infection and dizziness. When I took her home then went to leave for Matthew and I to go home, all of a sudden, I got this HUGE pain going up the back-right side of my neck.
Thinking it would go away with time, I just came home and rested. All to find out that it was hurting even more. Took hot showers, no help. Took Motrin, no help.

And of course, I am part of the American body that does not have insurance as it is just to much money to pay out.

I took some more meds last night and went to sleep. Only to wake at 2:30am in execrating pain. No matter what I did, my neck was shooting pain through my head and right arm. Not being able to take it anymore, I starting crying. This woke Kevin up. At that time, I was ready to be taken to the ER even though I knew it would be a GIGANTIC bill.
Kevin was able to talk me out of it and now I am waiting for the doctor to get into the office this afternoon so I can see what can be done.

At some times, I feel like I pulled a muscle. At other times, it feels like I pinched a nerve. When the pain comes, my fingers go numb (tingling) and if I relax my shoulders, the pain goes right away. Maybe I pinched a nerve and pulled a muscle!

All I know is that I have a HUGE bump on the back of my neck and I cannot turn my head at all or it hurts!


Tim said...

I'm praying for you, Jackie. Please post updates as you get more information about what's wrong!

Heavenly Father, please touch Jackie with Your healing Spririt. Relieve the pain and take away any damage or infirmity that is causing this problem. Amen