Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy Fall!!!

I really do not even have the time to write this blog right now, but I am making myself take a breather.

I stepped up in the PTO and accepted a vote in as Event's Chairperson. This means that I am incharge of certain events within the PTO, starting with our biggest event...Pizza Pumpkin Night! It is a fun events for all ages. It has games and prizes, pizza, pop and water! Haunted Hallway (Trick or Treating) and Haunted Maze! I was blessed to have someone step up and Chair this event, so now I am just an overseer, but still I am finding this time consuming.

Next, my sister had a brainstorm on a business adventure! More details to come, but this is taking up the rest of my time.

To add, one of my sons is actually being sexually assulted on the bus and as he is waiting for the bus at school. And this was happening last year, and I gave this other child a second chance. Just to find that he is starting this again this year. So, I contacted the police and they gave him a verbal warning. If this EVER happens again, I will press charges. As many charges as I possibly can! I will go to the fullest extent of the law! He better watch out! Mess with my blood and you will go down!

Anyways, there is more. and more, and more. But it would take HOURS to type that out!