Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a night

Tonight was going as planned until around 6pm, Matthew got sick. He has been doing this often. He will get sick a few times and then all is good for about a week or so. Then he gets sick again.
God showed me something tonight through this. The devil is not wanting me to do good...he wants me to fail and not do as God wants me to. God tells me in His word that I need to stay faithful to Him and trust Him through ALL things and so I shall trust Him through this chapter in my life with Matthew. I am making him an appt. with a doctor tomorrow to see if we can determine if this is acid reflux. My prayers are that God is in control and that even though I do not understand, He does.

Isn't it amazing how God shows you His will? I just love it! Something as simple as opening up the Word and just browsing, then BAM! I know what He is expecting from me!


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