Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My weekend

We have a pool! On Saturday, we set it up. That ended with a BIG water bill and a bad sunburn on Kevin. It was ALOT of work getting the land level, but once we did, it was nice. Then that evening, we helped Kevin's mom move into her new house. We are happy that she is back home!!!

Sunday was interesting. We tried another new church. Solid Rock Bible Church. It was GREAT! Until the sermon.......SNORE! The church was small....good. The people were our age....check!!! The sermon more boring than our last pastor....NOT GOOD! So, we both agreed that we are not going back. To speak the truth, it is hard stepping out like this. I am personally, having a hard time trusting a new church. Every church has it's politics and that is pushing me away. But I know something is out there. Part of me would love the idea of starting a new church, without politics. But I am not sure that can even happen or exist.
Anyways, Sunday night, Kevin's sister came over with her friend and we had a bonfire. We were up to 3am with her. It was a blast. But on Monday morning was the memorial day parade. 8:30am I was at this BORING parade that lasted 5 minutes long. It was LAME! Not worth missing sleep over!!!!
But then later on Monday we went to our friends house and had a BBQ. It was nice! Played a little volleyball and just chilled. Very relaxing. I feel right at home at their house! And then we came home and watch those RED WINGS!!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my weekend!


Tim said...

LOL!!! I love your comment about your "last pastor." Man, don't pull any punches.....

Hee Hee