Monday, February 26, 2007

He is out!

He is out! For good!

I was having my quiet time with the Lord last night. While that was taking place I realized something, to overtake the devil, you must kick him out. So, he is out. I kicked his butt out of my house for good! Gone, notta, no more of him.
I am rebuking him in all I do and for all I know.

I am just fed up and tired of seeing my family and friends being attacked by him and why? Because of their love for the Lord! No more! Jesus is more powerful than the devil and because of that reason alone, he is gone.

Something that I have learned also is that prayer does not have to be this elegant thing that you have to do at certain times. When I pray, I am talking to God just like I am talking to anyone who is reading this. I tell him how I am feeling, weather happy or sad, and how much I love him and how grateful I am to have him.

The Lord is my savior, my life.
If I did not have him in my life, I would, noooooooooo I know that I would be high on some drug right now and my kids would be in Child protective services or living with some family member.

It is funny how just looking back on how much you have changed can put things into prospective. Just by typing that makes me remember and think about how much I have changed. Sometimes I have people telling me left and right that I need to change this or that. That I can't be a Godly person if I am doing this or that. Well, LOOK! I was able to rid myself of drugs! DRUGS! I have sins in my life yes, that is something that will take time to get rid of, but with God, all things are possible.

You know, I heard today on the radio about accountability. On how people should have accountability partners. Well, with that said, I need to confess to anyone here.
When I got pregnant with Matthew, I quit smoking but my worst fear came back to me. I started smoking again. :(
But, instead of beating myself up everyday like I have for making such a dumb and stupid mistake once again, I am giving this sin to the Lord. I am laying it down on His feet. It is His.
Can I just up and quit? I don't know. Will I try? YES! I am tired of this sin in my life and all it is doing is holding me back farther from the Lord. I allowed this sin to control certain things I do. I will make decisions based on when I can have a cigarette. STUPID! Okay, my point of confessing this is to have accountability. I am asking that whoever reads this, can help me be accountable for this sin. Even if I have not completely quit, I need you to help me realize that I need to quit, and to see how it is going. I will no longer be ashamed of my sin also. I don't care who knows that I started smoking again. (though I figure most have smelled the nasty smell on me already)
My plan is this..... On Monday March 5th I will be cutting my smoking in 1/2. Only 15 cigarettes a day (yup I smoke a pack and 1/2 a day....terrible!) Then the following Monday, I will only smoke 8 cigarettes a day, then the following monday 3 cigarettes. Then with the Lords help, the Monday after that, I will be a non smoker and a healthier person.
Please, help me with support and love on this!
Thank you


Jennifer said...

Jackie, you can quit i know you can. Ask for this stronghold out of your life ask for it to be lifted off you. i know you can do it.

Tim said...


I will be praying for your victory over this issue. What we struggle with is easy for God. I am seeing His victory in my life right now in areas that I thought would never change.