Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My testimony

My Testimony
By Jackie Grim

To see the love He has for me,
You must take the time to see.

The Lord saved me by His Grace,
And has set up my resting place.

Because of His Son, I have become,
A great woman in Christ, open to everyone.

A few years ago, my eyes were not open to him,
I was raising my family in sin.

A world of hate, addiction and lies,
Until one night when I started to cry.

He showed me the price Jesus payed for both you and for me.

I saw it all, all of the sin,
That sin my family and I were in.

At that moment I spoke to him,
And allowed him to come back in.

It is a night I won't forget,
When I truely understood the promise he kept.

All he asked me was to love him,
And to turn away from my sin.

For me at first, it was not an easy task,
I had a strong hold over me, that I used as a mask.

But with prayer and love from family and friends,
The Lord will comfort me until the end.

Yes I am telling you my testimony,
Of when I allowed Jesus to hold me.

Once I humbled myself to him,
I was able to walk away from that sin.

Thank you Jesus for your loving heart,
And for giving me a brand new start!