Tuesday, February 6, 2007



I woke up in a sad mood,
That makes me feel unloved.

I just feel like I can't measure up,
And that makes me feel unloved.

The day breaks with so much promise,
I hear the clitter clatter of children playing,
But yet,
I still feel unloved.

I spend most evenings alone,
Even though he is home.
And I feel unloved.

I talk to him and sometimes stare,
But he acts like I am not there,
And I feel unloved.

As the day goes by,
I end up starting to cry,
Because I feel unloved.

Will he see the pain he can cause,
When he can not take a moment to pause,
That makes me feel unloved.

For I love him with all my heart,
And I never am willing to part,
Even if I feel unloved.

With God who strengthens me is whom I trust,
With Jesus I just must continue without a fuss.
And one day,
I will no longer feel unloved.