Thursday, March 8, 2007

It is under way!

Today, I am starting the decoration part of VBS. I am tracing! This is hard on the hands, but worth it.
What happens in the process of making a blank piece of paper into a decorated object?

Well, first you trace. Some pieces can take hours to trace!
Next, you outline everything in a sharpie marker. This makes the lines better to see and you will not miss out on anything when you paint.
Then, you paint. This is the fun part! I LOVE PAINTING!
After the paint dries, you go over the black lines again with a sharpie. (If you have painted well enough, this is not needed)
Last, you cut it out! This is actually some thing you do like the week before!

Making the decorations is so much fun, at least to me! It is something that I remember so well from last year. Kevin and I would just trace, paint and sharpie while playing our christian music in the background. That is actually how we got to know alot of songs and how we fell in love with Allen Cullen! WHAT A VOICE HUH?

But tonight and tomorrow evening, it is crunch time. I need to get the budget done. I want this thing out of my way. It is just the thing I least like doing. But hey, someone has to do it, and well, I am the leader of the thing right? That means it is me who needs to do it! lol

I will say this...I am really excited this year over VBS. It might be because it is more challenging, and I know, with God, I can pull it off. Or maybe because this year, I am only doing this because God wants me to. Things that bothered me last year, don't bother me at all this year about it. I know I have alot on my plate, but I also know that all I have to do is ask, and I would have alot of people lined up to help.
I am excited to see how these next 4 1/2 months play out.

Oh, I have set a date....if it doesn't work with everyone, I will change it though. I need all my workers to be able to be there! August 6 -10th! From 6:30pm - 9pm!