Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day #1

A new lifestyle change for the Grim family starts today.

I went grocery shopping today for wholesome, healthy food. Low in sugar, natural sugars, and good source of vitamins.

I am first starting off in changing our habits in our snacks. Once I have that under control, then I will work into our dinners. Though, I am not one to make high greasy foods and just poor in nutrition foods.

So far, the kids are loving this change. (though they have not asked for a candy bar yet!)

Kevin and I are looking into the future in so many ways. And I see God opening us both up for his plans. So much is going on, that I cannot share and probably will not share. But I can say this: We are being asked from God to change. To change so many things about our lifestyle, that will indeed change our way of life. This is very hard for Kevin. He does not like change, but he loves the Lord. And with that, he will accept this change. We have no choice but to be in constant prayer and communication with God due to alot of decisions that need to be made. And these decisions, the outcome of them, are hard to see. Hard to know if it is the right way to go. So trusting God is number 1 and we go from there!


Ataraxia said...
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Tim said...

Amen!!! We will be praying that you move forward boldly into everything that God has for you!