Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is the day that our lives return to normal.

Over the last week and 1/2, each one of us has gotten sick from the nasty cold. I am just happy that all 3 of the boys are much better now.

So you ask, what did she get done in VBS so far?

Not much! I have not had much time to get anything moving forward. I was suppost to meet with my sister on Thursday last week and plan out the outreach but with the kids being sick, it just was not going to work out. I will have to schedule a different time to meet. Maybe tomorrow.
I did get some more decorations traced and outlined. But I am finding this year's VBS much more difficult to decorate than last years. It was easy to just trace out some pictures and slap them on the walls, add some streamers and there ya go.
Not the same this year. I have my work cut out for me. But what makes it so relaxing is knowing that this is what God wanted me to do. And well, he is the one with the plan, not me.
I see it like this....God has a plan for the VBS, and as time goes by, I get told what to do here or there. He is letting me know, in His timing, what to do. That makes me not worry at all this year. (I was a nervous wreck last year)