Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It is making it's rounds

Now, I am sick. :(

Woke up at like 3am shaking because I was soo cold. I had a fever (still do) and now I just feel all icky. Part of having a family.

Kevin took today off work, even though I did not want him to, to take care of things. He was telling me that with the last 2 days of not getting any sleep and taking on the regular tasks of a mom, no wonder why I am sick. And that I won't get any better if I just don't rest. So, he is staying home and doing my job.

Tonight is Joey's Pine derby at church. I won't be going now. I am bummed, but I am going to ask my dad to tape it for me!


Tim said...


I am lifting you up in prayer for a quick recovery!!!!!