Monday, March 5, 2007

Day 1 quitting

I am setting a new goal for myself with quitting. I am cutting down each day instead of each week. I am finding it really easy right now, which I do NOT like. So, instead of 15 cigarettes, it is 12 today, then 11 tomorrow and so on and so on.

Our weekend was a little exciting, not on a great side. Maybe it would be better to just say it was busy.
It started off with Kevin working on call Friday night. He has a busy month with on call days, so I am expecting alot of time alone this month, but hopefully, it shows in his paychecks!

Saturday morning was kinda nice. Kevin made breakfast burritos. They were VERY yummy, and food that I don't have to cook, is GREAT! Then we had attended a memorial service for a friend at church. I really thought our church honored this person very well. As the service was going on, my sister was landing at the airport from Hawaii. (oh, how I wish I could have just fit into a suitcase and went with her! lol) That evening, we went to her house, she got the kids a few things and begged us to stay around until around 7pm to keep them awake due to jet lag. But around 6:30 Joey started complaining really bad of his ear hurting and running a temp so off I go to the urgent care. 2 hours...2 hours waiting a no doctor yet. Finally I had to leave the room and hunt down someone and ask how much longer it would be, then of course within 5 minutes a doctor came! (makes me wonder if the doctor would have been there that fast if I had not said anything????) Joey has a double ear infection. Poor kid! I felt so bad, so once we left, I dropped him off at home then had to wait at the pharmacy to get his scripts filled. Good ole' 24 hour CVS Drugs! I did not get home from all of that until 10:30pm and I was wiped.
Sunday, I attended church with Jonny and Matthew. Kevin stayed home with Joey so he could go to school today.


Tim said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear that Joey's having such a time of it. I'll be saying some prayers for a speedy recovery!

Have a great day in the Lord.