Friday, March 2, 2007


Today was not a great day for Jonathon in school, once again.
I was really thinking that after 3 weeks, he would get used to preschool and start meeting friends, and having fun. Not the case. He doesn't want to go and wants me to homeschool. But, I can't. Not just because Kevin doesn't want to, but because I know this is God's will for Jonny right now. And I do say right now, because I do not know what the future holds. This could be God's will so he can show us something. It could be his will for us to homeschool, but we need to know other things first. Who knows.....welp, God does LOL

His teacher was talking to me today about Jonny's behavior in class. He will not sit still, or pay attention to directions. And much more, but the same words almost came out until I stopped her and said "I know, his doctor told me he could be borderline adhd" She was like nodding and agreeing. But, I just think it is amazing how fast someone is when it comes to labeling your child. Jonny is just special. He just needs a different approach when it comes to learning. He is not one that can learn from a textbook type, more hands on is Jonny. (though he does get attached to things very quickly)

Here are some pictures of the boys when Joey had chicks in his Kindergarten class!




Tim said...


Sorry to hear about your struggles. I will be praying. If this is God's will, keep on!!! Obeying the Lord is never fruitless!